The Interesting Historical Developments In Ford Auto Company And What It Means For Spare Parts

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Henry Ford designed one of the first "horseless carriages" over a century ago. The design was such that the parts were entirely interchangeable with other vehicles. Fast forward to today, and you will find that this is no longer true. Parts are only interchangeable between a single make and model of this company's vehicles, and quite often, only for certain years of that make and model of vehicle. If you are looking for spare Ford auto parts, here is why you need, and should, go directly to the source.

New Car Designs Every Year

To keep ahead of the competition, this company has consistently redesigned its most popular makes and models while adding entirely new makes and models. For consumers who do not constantly trade in and/or trade up, it can get somewhat frustrating to find parts. Fortunately, the company does keep many spare parts on hand in warehouses everywhere, so if you need something, you should go directly to a company dealership and order it there.

Overhauling Engine Designs to Keep with the Times

Better, faster, more energy-efficient engines are ideal, but the problem that arises with this is that you have a very similar car body and totally different engine components. While it remains easy enough to find body parts for your Ford, it is now difficult to find engine parts. If you have a make and model that is similar to the current make and model, and not that much older, you could probably find a rebuilt part or a duplicate make and model of your vehicle from which you can pull and purchase the replacement parts you need. Then you do not have to worry about the updated engine's redesign and ill-matched parts.

Nothing Can Be Borrowed from Another Make and Model

Try as you might, nothing about this company's vehicles is really truly interchangeable anymore, except for maybe the car batteries and the wheels. Strange, considering how this company got started, but there it is. At least you can still get parts from unexpected sources, such as car collectors and salvage yards, as well as dealerships that deal specifically with this company's vehicles. Additionally, you cannot borrow parts from competitor vehicles, nor can competitor vehicles borrow engine or body parts from your vehicles. It is great for innovation and reinvention of an all-American company but is so very different from what your grandparents knew and expected.  

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